Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hello Kristen

I met Kristen through blogging several years ago and we have developed a special friendship. We send each other cards, her's are always awesome as you can see here.  Mine are... well, it's the thought that counts. One year she was tidying up her studio and sent me polymer clay. She's a great gal with a sweet hubby and an even sweeter doggie.

When Kristen isn't continuing her education and learning all kinds of cool computer skills, you can be sure she isn't slacking off. She will be either making cards and books or adding digital images for her online store.

Speaking of her books, Kristen has generously submitted some photos and a brief description of how she makes different kinds of books. This particular book is a prayer book, so in Kristen's own's how.

For the binding of the book to attach the pages, I fold a 4" x 12 " piece of paper every inch in a fan fold fashion.  I then glue them into 6 tabs that the 4" x 6" pages will attach to.

 I print the prayers on paper then cut it and embellish it and add additional extras. 

 These books would be nice sitting on a kitchen table for prayer inspiration for those learning to pray, or those who just aren't that creative with words, but want to change up their prayers. 

I have also made these books with inspirational quotes, cowboy quotes with childhood photographs, photo books for special occasions, mini albums and just fun little books to jot down ideas.  I think they would also be great to put in recipes from a dinner party and give to guests as a nice takeaway treat to remind them of the dinner.  A page could be left blank and a photo could be mailed after the party if desired

So you can begin to see how creative Kristen is.  To really get the gist of her talents, and to thank Kirsten for so graciously sending in her photos,  please hop over to visit her at the blog she calls Kah-wink-E-dink.  

I do hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  You see, this blog isn't just to show off our mess after all.  Next post I'll be showing where a certain California Sister chills out and does some needle work.  In fact, if we can get her to take a photo of some recently acquired fibers, we just might tell you about an upcoming project that she has in the works.

Take care and for those of you riding out the storms produced by Hurricane Irene...stay safe and hang in there.  As a way of coping, you might even think about making a memory book using Kristen's ideas.  If you need more info be sure to let us know.

Until next time, don't stop making messes!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jenny's mess...

Yes, you read that right, I am actually calling this post Jenny's mess. Jenny B. has a sense of humor that shows in how she labeled the photos she sent.  I have known Jenny for several years now from reading her art blog. Shucks, she even calls herself a mess maker, a cookie baker and a crayon lover.  From reading past posts I think I recall that Jenny's background is in fine art. She most certainly is a talented artist and she is also the proud Mom of a recent high school grad.

A few months back, Jenny had the distinct pleasure of....wait for it....moving. Ugh, who wants to pack up stuff and start anew???  Everyone!  Almost everyone I know, friends and family included have had the fun of packing up and moving away.  Whether it's across town or across the country it's a pretty big deal. Jenny B hung in there and got her move on, then got out her crayons and started coloring her way to a new life.  A big move can be stressful, but nothing soothes the jagged nerves like returning to the things that we love to do. That includes getting out all your art and craft supplies and reestablishing your space to create. You get to decide if you want your art space to duplicate the one you packed up or whether you want to make it completely different.  It's all up to you.  What and where you choose to create is up for grabs, but as long as you just go ahead a do it, you'll always have that area waiting for you when you need it.

With all that being said, let's scope out where Jenny creates.  She humored me and let me see some of her mess as she creates one of her always inspiring works of art.

Jenny's space includes one of my favorite things, a shelf at the bottom of her table.  Having things within reach is so important.  I sometimes have to get up and look for things during a project and this shot alone has me thinking a bit of reorganizing.  Apparently when Jenny gets artist block, she can plug into her amplifier and jam a bit. Great idea, Jenn.

 Not only does Jenny draw lovely whimsical characters on paper, she takes them to the next level with fabrics and fibers.  Is that a felted little plushy on a ring?  Told you she was talented? Oh, and Jenny, don't forget to pay that Visa bill!

Seems like Jenny has everything she needs to create one of her signature characters .  Lyra watercolor crayons, and a cellphone so if she is interrupted she can continue on as she chats.

 Jenny can't help but show her love for everyone, it always comes through in her art...

This one certainly looks like ideas in the making.  You can't have too many pliers and if you do...use them as paperweights.

Seriously though, isn't is wild how the computer found it's way into our art?  Whether you are looking up things online for inspiration, or watching videos or even printing out art for that collage, the computer always figures into our art.  The artist that will be showcased next week, sometimes has her fingers on the keyboard of her computer. (That's the teaser for the next post).

Well, I certainly hope you enjoyed seeing Jenny's mess. To see more of what Jenny has created in the past, hop on over to her retired blog and check out some of her art.

Remember to tell all your crafty and artsy friends to stop by and check out our little corner of the creating world.  Take care and let us hear!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Monday!

Good morning, all.  Well, I just finished up at the gym, I've had my breakfast and before I head down to my studio space I thought I'd share a few websites with you.  I know we all enjoyed meeting Karin last week, and seeing her work area and that great basket that she had her supplies in.  With that in mind, I thought I'd share several sites about storage.  I found this blog, similar to what we're doing here, except folks send in their clutter solutions. is a wealth of information about almost everything, and they certainly didn't disappoint when it came to storage.

One of my favorite places to find storage containers is Big Lots for plastic shoe boxes.  I use them almost exclusively, but I found a great way to store jewelry findings at Lowes.  They almost always have plastic boxes for screws, etc. that are perfect for beads and jump rings and such.  AND they are almost always less expensive then the same item would be at the craft store.

I only mention these stores because their are nearby.  What stores do you frequent for your organizational needs?  Do you prefer boxes, hooks on the wall, or furniture like cabinets for your stash?  Let us hear, inquiring minds want to know.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Our first submission...

I knew I could count on my friend Karin. In addition to being a great gal and one of my first blogger friends, she has a fantastic blog called Countryfolk Keepsakes.  Karin makes primitive art that is extremely cool.  She is also a collector of Americana. She is a true patriot and loves her country.  So with that little bit of background in place, here are a couple shots of where Karin creates...

Being a seamstress myself, I know for a fact that her studio won't stay this clean for long, but we'll cut her a break.

 Not only does she create beautiful art dolls and fabric sculptures, she is quite a do it yourself kind of gal. When you have the time, browse through some of her older posts to see what she has created, and you just might pick up on her love of nature and animals.  Her nickname is Peanut (though I'm not sure why) and she gets a kick out of my nickname of Peachy (my last name is Keene) and she has been known to tell a joke or two.  In other words, she is a hoot.

So once again, I want to thank Peanut for showing us her studio. Love you bunches, gal.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

...Where we really create

Yep, I've started another blog. Sheesh, I can barely keep up with the two I already have, but I thought I'd give this a try.  You know those magazines that we all love so much? The ones that show all the studios and creative spaces that artists and other creative people use to produce their works of art? Well, having been an artist for hobby only for many years, I find that usually all the steps required for submission to these magazines are way too restrictive for me.  I certainly respect the reasons for this.  Publications of this kind can't be bogged down with the time it would take to sort through all the submissions they would receive if they didn't have lots of rules and regulations.

So I thought I would start a blog for my friends and friends to be, to have a place to show where we really create.  I really don't think that our studios are the spotless, snazzy, well thought out work areas that are depicted in the magazines. I mean after all, who wants to see the messy areas that we really use?  Who you ask? Me, me, me...pick me.  I really do.  I want you to send me, not only pictures of your studio when it is at it's worst (because that's usually when our work is it's best), but pictures of what you created in that mess.

I'm thinking about asking for pictures of art studios, crafting tables and children's areas, as well as a shot of that chair by the window where you do your handwork and a picture of your stove top after an experiment in a new dish has gone awry.  I thinking about posting pictures of my hubby's home music studio.  Any where that we go to do what we do creatively.

To get the ball rolling, here is what my area looks like after several days of making polymer clay beads.

It's a mess, but here is one of the things that came out of that mess...

If you are interested in seeing some of my other work, please feel free to click on my other blog, A Walk In The Park Art.  It's my blog about art and everyday life in a small city in the South. 

I do hope you will join me with submissions to this new blog, by sending your submissions to me at  I will have final say on what I decide to post and I'm not into profanity or vulgarity, so don't even go there. I am not affiliated with any publications and will never pretend to be. This is not and I repeat NOT the place to come if you are looking for advertising space, because there are plenty of other venues for that. It's a personal, non-commercial blog.  If you are just interested in seeing and showing where real life people create, let me hear from you.  I think it will be fun.