Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hello Kristen

I met Kristen through blogging several years ago and we have developed a special friendship. We send each other cards, her's are always awesome as you can see here.  Mine are... well, it's the thought that counts. One year she was tidying up her studio and sent me polymer clay. She's a great gal with a sweet hubby and an even sweeter doggie.

When Kristen isn't continuing her education and learning all kinds of cool computer skills, you can be sure she isn't slacking off. She will be either making cards and books or adding digital images for her online store.

Speaking of her books, Kristen has generously submitted some photos and a brief description of how she makes different kinds of books. This particular book is a prayer book, so in Kristen's own's how.

For the binding of the book to attach the pages, I fold a 4" x 12 " piece of paper every inch in a fan fold fashion.  I then glue them into 6 tabs that the 4" x 6" pages will attach to.

 I print the prayers on paper then cut it and embellish it and add additional extras. 

 These books would be nice sitting on a kitchen table for prayer inspiration for those learning to pray, or those who just aren't that creative with words, but want to change up their prayers. 

I have also made these books with inspirational quotes, cowboy quotes with childhood photographs, photo books for special occasions, mini albums and just fun little books to jot down ideas.  I think they would also be great to put in recipes from a dinner party and give to guests as a nice takeaway treat to remind them of the dinner.  A page could be left blank and a photo could be mailed after the party if desired

So you can begin to see how creative Kristen is.  To really get the gist of her talents, and to thank Kirsten for so graciously sending in her photos,  please hop over to visit her at the blog she calls Kah-wink-E-dink.  

I do hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  You see, this blog isn't just to show off our mess after all.  Next post I'll be showing where a certain California Sister chills out and does some needle work.  In fact, if we can get her to take a photo of some recently acquired fibers, we just might tell you about an upcoming project that she has in the works.

Take care and for those of you riding out the storms produced by Hurricane Irene...stay safe and hang in there.  As a way of coping, you might even think about making a memory book using Kristen's ideas.  If you need more info be sure to let us know.

Until next time, don't stop making messes!


Peri said...

I like the idea that Kristen has here. I was hoping people who do cool things like this would check in and then show us how some of their wonderful ideas are born! Yay! I may even try to do one of these books...mine might be about learning to cook though, because I harbor a (formerly) secret desire to do a cookbook! I am pleased with this blog and look forward to each post eagerly.

Kristen said...

This is great, Susan. Thank you so much for sharing. I am very proud to call you my friend and so glad we found this avenue to share with each other!

love and hugs!!!