Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Monday!

Good morning, all.  Well, I just finished up at the gym, I've had my breakfast and before I head down to my studio space I thought I'd share a few websites with you.  I know we all enjoyed meeting Karin last week, and seeing her work area and that great basket that she had her supplies in.  With that in mind, I thought I'd share several sites about storage.  I found this blog, similar to what we're doing here, except folks send in their clutter solutions. is a wealth of information about almost everything, and they certainly didn't disappoint when it came to storage.

One of my favorite places to find storage containers is Big Lots for plastic shoe boxes.  I use them almost exclusively, but I found a great way to store jewelry findings at Lowes.  They almost always have plastic boxes for screws, etc. that are perfect for beads and jump rings and such.  AND they are almost always less expensive then the same item would be at the craft store.

I only mention these stores because their are nearby.  What stores do you frequent for your organizational needs?  Do you prefer boxes, hooks on the wall, or furniture like cabinets for your stash?  Let us hear, inquiring minds want to know.


JENNY said...

If I could, I'd have good ol' fashioned pegboard for my scissors and tools. And for other supplies, well, brushes...I like them to lie flat in a draw. But my other items would be put in clear plastic containers. I gotta see what's in there. I'm a outta-sight-outta-mind kinda person.

Peri said...

Another really great solution is Staples...during the back to school period, they have the plastic bins on wheels on sale! Love those!! Also, tackle boxes from ACE Hardware. My personal fave is furniture...give me cabinets and/or shelves and I am thrilled! By the way, my fibre area is almost ready for a photo...or will get to see the plastics for certain!