Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jenny's mess...

Yes, you read that right, I am actually calling this post Jenny's mess. Jenny B. has a sense of humor that shows in how she labeled the photos she sent.  I have known Jenny for several years now from reading her art blog. Shucks, she even calls herself a mess maker, a cookie baker and a crayon lover.  From reading past posts I think I recall that Jenny's background is in fine art. She most certainly is a talented artist and she is also the proud Mom of a recent high school grad.

A few months back, Jenny had the distinct pleasure of....wait for it....moving. Ugh, who wants to pack up stuff and start anew???  Everyone!  Almost everyone I know, friends and family included have had the fun of packing up and moving away.  Whether it's across town or across the country it's a pretty big deal. Jenny B hung in there and got her move on, then got out her crayons and started coloring her way to a new life.  A big move can be stressful, but nothing soothes the jagged nerves like returning to the things that we love to do. That includes getting out all your art and craft supplies and reestablishing your space to create. You get to decide if you want your art space to duplicate the one you packed up or whether you want to make it completely different.  It's all up to you.  What and where you choose to create is up for grabs, but as long as you just go ahead a do it, you'll always have that area waiting for you when you need it.

With all that being said, let's scope out where Jenny creates.  She humored me and let me see some of her mess as she creates one of her always inspiring works of art.

Jenny's space includes one of my favorite things, a shelf at the bottom of her table.  Having things within reach is so important.  I sometimes have to get up and look for things during a project and this shot alone has me thinking a bit of reorganizing.  Apparently when Jenny gets artist block, she can plug into her amplifier and jam a bit. Great idea, Jenn.

 Not only does Jenny draw lovely whimsical characters on paper, she takes them to the next level with fabrics and fibers.  Is that a felted little plushy on a ring?  Told you she was talented? Oh, and Jenny, don't forget to pay that Visa bill!

Seems like Jenny has everything she needs to create one of her signature characters .  Lyra watercolor crayons, and a cellphone so if she is interrupted she can continue on as she chats.

 Jenny can't help but show her love for everyone, it always comes through in her art...

This one certainly looks like ideas in the making.  You can't have too many pliers and if you do...use them as paperweights.

Seriously though, isn't is wild how the computer found it's way into our art?  Whether you are looking up things online for inspiration, or watching videos or even printing out art for that collage, the computer always figures into our art.  The artist that will be showcased next week, sometimes has her fingers on the keyboard of her computer. (That's the teaser for the next post).

Well, I certainly hope you enjoyed seeing Jenny's mess. To see more of what Jenny has created in the past, hop on over to her retired blog and check out some of her art.

Remember to tell all your crafty and artsy friends to stop by and check out our little corner of the creating world.  Take care and let us hear!


JENNY said...

Thank you, Susan! The way you talk about my mess makes me love it even more!

Peri said...

Really nice work area. Looks like my desk area too. Only I have managed to get my crayons into a drawer...but my pencils and pens? No.....
Really like the colored work seen on the desk, and I must admit to using tools as paperweights also!
Jenny's mess is the sign of a well used creative area!

Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

I love Jenny's blog & art. She is too cute & her art is fabulous. She helps me embrace my mess more. :)

Jean said...

She's such an amazing artist! I just love her work. But I can't believe she'd show her creative mess, she's so much stronger than me. LOL.